Tractor Pulling

Into the Blue

2012 marks another chapter in Leanne's distinguished motor sports career as she takes on the driving duties forTeam Boss Blue. She will be driving a 2,500 horse power, super-charged, alcohol fueled, modified tractor competing in the 7,500 lb class across Western Canada.

Tractor pulling dates back to the 1960's and can be referred to as the heaviest sport of all, with classes ranging from 1,500 lbs to 20,000 lbs, with some vehicles having multiple engines producing over 2,000 horse power each.

Each competitor hooks up to a mechanical weight transfer machine (called a sled) and pulls the sled down a 300 foot long and 30 foot wide track. This determines the placing of everyone in the class with the competitor that pulls it the farthest the winner.

The sport has grown over the years to several variations with modified mini tractors, modified 2 wheel drive trucks, super modified 4x4 trucks, highway tractor semi's and diesel picks.

Check out Pinnacle Motorsports website at for the schedule and more details on where you will see Leanne competing in the upcoming season.